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An archive of 208 film poster exhibitons organized during last 15 years in the Czech Republic and other countries, sorted in a chronological way. (USA,Japan,Poland,Italy,Spain,Austria)

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Franz Kafka in Poster

Foyer Cinema Aero, Prague (24. 5. 2021 - 24. 9. 2021)

Exhibition installation and individual posters:

Hommage: Jan Rajlich 100

University Cinema Scala (23. 9. 2020 - 23. 11. 2020) —

The Biennale Brno Association has decided to celebrate this year’s 100th anniversary of the birth of Brno-born painter and graphic designer Jan Rajlich sr. (1920–2016), the founder of the international biennale of graphic design in Brno, by an international poster event.
In 2019, the BBA called on a hundered graphic designers from the BBA as well as on close friends and acquaintances of Jan Rajlich sr. from all over the world to create a poster on the theme “Hommage: Jan Rajlich 100×100”.

FRANTISZEK STAROWIEYSKI a jeho sureálný plakátový svět

(1. 9. 2020 - 30. 11. 2020) —

Born on 8 July 1930 in Bratkówka in Podkarpacie region.Died 23. February 2009

Studies at the Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, under Wojciech Weiss and Adam Marczyński during the years 1949-1952, continued during the years 1952-1955 under Michal Bylina at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Kája Saudek – Film Posters

Foyer Cinema Aero, Prague (1. 9. 2020 - 30. 10. 2020) —

Kája Saudek (1935) is the most significant Czech comics artist, the founder of the typical „saudical“ comics school, and at the same time the one and only personage in domestic comics, who’s fame crossed the borders of Czech Republic (or earlier, Czechoslovakia).