Gun in Poster - overall: 308


Weapon, mainly firearm in forms of colt, revolver or rifle belongs to common “equipment” of czechoslovak and polish artists. Behind pair of colts is hidden face of hero of movie Bulldogs and Cherries in poster design by Vratislav Hlavaty. Famous Steve McQueen point at us tenanciously with his gun in poster Nevada Smith and Leontine by collage master Karel Teissig fence with five pistols in one time! On the otherside Heaven and hell japanese’s classic Akira Kurosawa is underlined with Karel Vaca’s “dry” revolver and of course The magnificent seven- doesn´t hold at their hands flowers. However as to movie poster, came dusk for pearls embellished colts and ladies beanshooter to weapon’s as well. The thing, what holds Rambo in his heavy hands, missing any poetic…