Polish Posters - overall: 2987


TERRY POSTERS collection also includes over 2 943 posters by Polish authors. Film posters by Polish graphic designers and artists inspired the rise of the Czech poster school in the end of the 50’s. Take a look at typical, highly acclaimed posters of leading Polish authors of posters : Hanna Bodnar, Roman Cieslewicz, Jakub Erol, Jerzy Flisak, Wiktor Górka, Maciej Hibner, Maria Ihnatowicz, Andrzej Klimowski, Andrzej Krajewski, Jan Lenica, Eryk Lipinski, Jan Mlodozeniec, Andrzej Pagowski, Julian Palka, Marian Stachurski, Franciszek Starowieyvski, Waldemar Swierzy, Mieczyslaw Wasilewski, Bronislaw Zelek etc
Most of the Polish posters are not for sale due to the fact that we hold only 1 copy of the poster. This only poster is part of our exhibition collection.

Polish posters is possible to search in these sections:
1/Polish Film Posters – 1980 pc
2/Polish Theater Posters – 386 pc
3/Polish Exhibition Posters – 204
4/Polish Opera Posters – 76 pc
5/Polish Cyrk Posters – 56 pc
6/Polish Posters to Czech movies – 281 pc