Czech movie posters include the work of foreign film giants like Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti, Luis Buňuel as well as domestic legends like Miloš Forman and Jiří Menzel. Browse posters for films by hundreds of different directors with our search bar at the top of the page.

Michelangelo Antonioni (44)

One of the most succesful Czech posters was created by Milan Grygar for Antonioni’s film Blow Up where he combined his pent collage with quotations of Roy Lichtenstein and Bill Brandt.

Ingmar Bergman (83)

Libor Fára used his typical photo collage when creating a poster for film Scenes from a Marriage. Karel Laštovka’s poster accompanied a film Cries and Whispers. Also Šalamoun’s poster for Shame is succesful.

Luis Buňuel (27)

Olga Vyleťalová’s poster for film Tristana only illustrates the freedom of graphic artists in that time. Viridiana poster by Karel Teissig belongs to the supreme designs of this leading author of Czech film posters.

Robert Bresson (17)

The poster design of Olga Vyleťalová-Poláčková on Bresson´s film A Gentle Creature is an icon of the Czechoslovakia film poster. One of the major German printmakers Hans Hillmann created by a method of photomontage the great poster for film Pickpocket.

Federico Fellini (96)

One of the cult Czech posters for Fellini’s film 8 ½ was created by Bedřich Dlouhý. Also Vaca’s poster for La Dolce Vita belongs to the ground-breaking works of the Czech poster school.

Miloš Forman (124)

Palcr’s poster for film Black Peter had to be censored by cinema managers because of its „indecency“. A poster by Jiří Šlitr for film Audition belongs to the collectibles.

Jean-Luc Godard (39)

A placard for a film Crazy Pete is typical for the work of Jiří Hilmar who created his poster designs mostly in the 60’s.

Alfred Hitchcock (46)

Josef Vyleťal created a firework poster for Hitchcock’s film Birds using a motif from a painting by Max Ernst. Zdeněk Ziegler’s poster designs for films Psycho and Birds/Psycho are also very succesful.

Akira Kurosawa (31)

One of the most respectful Czechoslovak printmakers Bedřich Dlouhý created an unforgettable design on Kurosawa´s film Rashomon. Then, Karel Vaca accompanied by his typical collage the film Heaven and Hell.

Jiří Menzel (134)

František Zálešák’s poster design for Menzel’s Oscar-awarded film Closely Watched Trains very aptly creates the atmosphere of this excellent film.

Andrej Tarkovskij (39)

Compare two posters for a cult film of Andrei Tarkovsky. An extraordinary collage of Karel Teissig created in 1987: Andrei Rublev and an elder design of Jan Kratochvíl from 1969: Andrei Rublev.

Francois Truffaut (25)

By a master´s hand opened his typoghrapic style for the poster Jules a Jim a printmaker Zdeněk Ziegler. A legend of the Polish poster Franciszek Starowieyski complied with his distinctive, inimitable handwriting for a film poster Panna mloda w zalobie.

John Schlesinger (15)

An atmosphere of the film Midnight Cowboy is successfully described by Zdeněk Ziegler´s poster. Milan Grygar enlisted himself by his poster design on film Marathon Man in a strong tradition of photocollage in the Czech poster.

Luchino Visconti (61)

Fremund’s Rocco and His Brothers (1961) is one of the first author posters from the 60’s. A Family Portrait poster by Karel Machálek is an example of his typical anatomical method.

Pier Paolo Pasolini (21)

Almost a brutal photocollage of Karel Machálek on the film Oedipus Rex belongs to the most forceful Czech posters. Also students of UMPRUM in Prague proved their individual approach in design on film Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom and others.

Frantisek Vlacil (99)

Vaca´s poster to Vláčil´s film Adelheid belongs to one of the masterpieces of Czech film poster. Other films of this genius of Czech film in the 20th century are also equipped with sophisticated poster design – e.g. Marketa Lazarová by Ziegler and Údolí včel by Svoboda.

Andrzej Wajda (76)

Compare Czechoslovakia and Polish poster school. The Landscape After Battle by Karel Teissig is his dominant poster. Krajobraz po bitwie by the printmaker Martin Mroszczak is it´s original Polish version.

Karel Zeman (143)

He was a cartoon film-maker that became a legend and an initiator of movie animation. Compare posters that were designed on Zeman´s movies in Czechoslovakia On the Comet: with these created in Poland A deadly Invention-