In addition to American film stars like Steve McQueen or Raquel Welch, Italian and French actors such as Bridgette Bardot, Jean Paul Belmondo, and Louis de Funés were extremely popular in Czechoslokakia. Use the search bar to find posters for films with a specific actor or actress.

Jean-Paul Belmondo (37)

„What’s on?“„Oh, a Belmondo as always…“one could hear in front of Czech cinemas once. Vaca’s typical style can be spotted on his poster design for film Up To His Ears. Fremund’s La Viaccia starring C. Cardinale is also brilliant.

Claudia Cardinale (36)

Zdeněk Ziegler who created about 300 film posters depicted also Claudia Cardinale on his placard for a film Cartouche. Vyleťal’s poster design for a film Sandra of a Thousand Delights by Visconti is also brilliant.

Alain Delon (32)

French films were very popular in the Czechoslovakia. Josef Vyleťal definitely did not spare any of his imagination when creating his surrealist poster for The Black Tulip. Flic Story belongs to criminal genre.

Catherine Deneuve (21)

Jaroš’s design for a film Once Upon a Time starring Catherine Deneuve and Jean Marais is pretty wild. Karel Machálek‘s poster for Belladonna is mesmerizing.

Clint Eastwood (19)

Zdeněk Ziegler created a beautiful typographical poster for film Pale Rider. Also a poster for a film Joe Kidd is characteristic in its genre.

Jane Fonda (14)

Stanislav Vajce used his typical colourful collage when creating his poster for a film Barefoot in the Park. Also Teissig’s collage for a film Nora is very apt.

Louis de Funès (30)

A French comedian. Jaroš’s photo montage for a film The Wing and The Thigh is quite cheerful as well as Tománek’s triptych Fantomas, Fantomas strikes back and Fantomas Against Scotland Yard.

Dustin Hoffman (20)

On of the most acclaimed authors of placards Milan Grygar created two fabulous designs for Hoffman’s films Marathon Man and Kramer vs Kramer. Ziegler’s poster for a film Midnight Cowboy is also excellent.

Charles Chaplin (21)

Milan Grygar created a unique series of 12 posters for Chaplin’s films. There is nothing like that to be found in the history of the Czech film poster.

Sophia Loren (23)

Věra Nováková’s poster for a film the Fall of the Roman Empire is one of 500 posters for American films which we offer for sale. Also Milan Grygar’s poster design for a film Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is quite unique.

Marcello Mastroianni (44)

„The Divine Marcello“ is depicted on Hrdina’s poster for The Stranger. Fellini’s opus Ginger and Fred was accompanied with a poster by Milan Grygar.

Marilyn Monroe (17)

Zdeněk Kaplan’s poster for The Seven Year Itch is one of the most beautiful Czech posters, playing with typical attributes of the Western life-style (Winston, whiskey…)

Jeanne Moreau (13)

We offer a remarkable placard by Josef Vyleťal for an Orson Welles’s film The Immortal Story as well as for a classical film by Roger Vadim, Dangerous Love affairs.

Paul Newman (14)

Of course we offer posters for the cult films Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid and Machálek’s anatomical portrait of Paul Newman in a film The Sting.

Jack Nicholson (31)

Vyleťal’s poster for Easy Rider is very unique because the censors made the graphic artist cover the American flag on the back of the main character’s jacket with a smokescreen.

Steve McQueen (14)

This charismatic American actor obviously could not escape the attention of Czech graphic artists. Sládek’s Bullitt only proves it. Ziegler’s Papillon is also a great piece.

Anthony Quinn (18)

A fenomenal performer of Zorba the Greek had heaps of fans in the Czechoslovakia. Among very succesful posters belong Kadrnožka’s The Passage and Bidlo’s expressive Flap.

Raquel Welch (7)

Zdeněk Ziegler was summoned to the police station because of his poster for 100 Rifles. He had to explain the police where he got the 100 dollar note which is depicted on the poster design…