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Foto from opening exhibition:

The Golden Era of Czechoslovak Film Poster - V. Olga Poláčková-Vyleťalová

Cinema Světozor, Prague (4. 9. 2008 - 8. 10. 2008) —

In the fifth part of the exhibition series „The Golden Era of the Czechoslovakian Film Poster“ was introduced an artist work of Olga Poláčková-Vyleťalová, the author of one of the most reputable Czech poster A Gentle Creature. The exhibition was opened with the author personally.

An installation insisted of almost 40 posters and was supplemented with an unique collection of 10 original designs of A3 size. The author, a wife of a painter and graphic artist Josef Vyleťal, has created posters since early 70´s. All of her posters have a magic of lyricism and tenderness. Among them excels a poster for a film by Luis Bunuel Tristana. Posters for films Affection and Reflections were awarded at international competitions. Finally, posters for films Radúz a Mahulena and Young People are extraordinary as well.

Born 8th of August 1944 in Hradec Králové.
Painter and graphic artist. Private studies (1963; Antonín Kybal), School of Arts (1968) and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (1968 – 1969; Karel Svolinský). Has exhibited as a part of a group since 1974, and on her own since the year 1980. Over the years 1969 – 1989 created seventy-six film posters .
Award winning film posters: 1973 Grand Prix of the International Film Festival in Cannes (A Gentle Creature); 1974 critic’s prize at Cannes (Affection); 1979 Gold Hugo at the International Film Festival in Chicago (Reflection).