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Květa Pacovská - Posters

Svetozor Cinema (15. 9. 2016 - 15. 12. 2016) —

Květa Pacovská (born July 28th 1928) graduated in 1947 at the Graphic School in Prague and continued in studying on the Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague. Under the lead of professor Emil Filla she specialized on the monumental painting. She graduated in 1952 and began to work as an illustrator of children books and magazines.

Her lifelong partner is Milan Grygar, one of our most important graphic designers.
Thanks to her original book illustrations she became worldwide known as one of the best and most gifted illustrators of our times. Her illustrations are unique, with characteristic inclination to playfulness, experiment and joy, full of artistic and typographic fantasy.

Květa Pacovská’s works were shown on many collective and separated exhibitions, home and abroad, and she received a large number of international awards for them – especially the Hans Christian Andersen Award, with which she was honored in 1992 by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) for her work in the field of illustration, and the Goldene Letter Award for the Best Book Design from all over the world, which she received in 1993 for the book Papier Paradise, made as an homage to Kurt Schwitters.

She is also known as the author of her own experimental books for children and/or adults, which were successfully published in more than 20 countries (besides Europe also in USA, Japan and China).

In the Svetozor Cinema she will introduce the collection including 50 of her posters.